Introducing RapiFly®

RapiFly standardizes the development of solutions to local, national and global problems. Collective problem-solving is brought to life in an easy to use format. Gamification expedites the development and implementation of solutions. Metro teams are rewarded for creating high-demand solutions.

Who Uses RapiFly?

Subject matter experts use RapiFly to create prepackaged plans and solutions that expedite project development and implementation. Experts generate billable hours helping commercial and community users execute projects.

Commercial enterprises use RapiFly to engage teams in collective, structured planning and problem-solving. Internal and external experts can be brought int projects on-the-fly to fill knowledge gaps.

Citizens use RapiFly to join metro teams of their choosing. They have the flexibility to select projects containing topics they are passionate about.

Global communities use RapiFly to participate in projects that lead to the development human and planet-friendly products and services.


Compensation via Gamification

RapiFly® reinvents community problem-solving through gamification. It ignites competition across metro communities in eight project categories, turning skills, knowledge, and experience into valuable assets. Participants contribute to projects tailored to their unique talents, catalyzing collective progress.


Community Project Services

RapiFly® gamifies community problem-solving.Metro communities compete in eight project categories.Gamification monetizes the skills, knowledge and experience within metro communities.Participants join projects that are specific to their skills, knowledge and experience.

Our Target Markets

Subject Matter Experts

RapiFly is used by subject matter experts to create prepackaged, modifiable applications (M.Apps). M.Apps are prepackaged plans and solutions  that expedite  the development and implementation of client projects.


RapiFly helps commercial organizations create plans and solve problems collectively. Business teams are provided with a platform that helps them create plans and solve problems in a structured, measurable manner.


RapiFly engages citizens in projects that contribute to the development of solutions to local, national, and global problems. Citizens contribute to the creation of sustainable, human and planet-friendly products and services.

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