Innovative Services for Collective Problem-Solving

In this rapidly evolving world, we find ourselves facing escalating challenges that demand swift, efficient responses - a task made complex by the lack of suitable platforms to aid collective, intelligent action. It's no longer an option, but a necessity, to unite our efforts and leverage technology intelligently to confront these obstacles while upholding human value and existence.

At the intersection of this urgency and innovation, RapiFly emerges as a modern, transformative planning platform. With RapiFly, communities are equipped with the cutting-edge tools and resources necessary to collectively address challenges and foster constructive, mutually beneficial solutions, tapping into the wealth of our world's entrepreneurial, motivated, and intelligent citizenry.


Contemporary, Dynamic Planning

At Planning Synergies, we believe in staying ahead of the curve. We utilize contemporary, dynamic planning methods powered by our innovative RapiFly platform, ensuring your projects stay relevant and impactful in the rapidly evolving global landscape. RapiFly is designed for adaptive, forward-thinking planning, allowing you to anticipate, respond to, and even capitalize on changes as they occur.


Challenge Management

Challenges are opportunities in disguise. Our RapiFly platform takes on complex problems head-on, breaking them into manageable tasks handled by the most suitable experts. Whether the challenges are local, national, or global, RapiFly’s collaborative approach ensures efficient, effective solutions.


Change Management

In our ever-changing world, adaptability is crucial. RapiFly’s built-in Change Management feature allows for swift and efficient alterations in response to real-time changes, keeping your project's progress aligned with your objectives. It enables teams to remain in sync, adjusting their efforts according to the dynamic nature of project development.


Modular Extensions

With RapiFly, you can tailor your project management approach to your unique needs. Our platform offers a range of modular extensions, enabling you to customize your problem-solving toolkit. These extensions cater to various areas including Strategy, Analysis, Communications, and more, ensuring you have the precise tools you need for each unique project.


Subject Matter Experts

Our services are supported by commercial and community subject matter experts (SMEs) in each locale. SMEs are compensated for participating in projects. They help project teams create durable plans. They help teams respond to the inevitable challenges and change that surface during plan development and implementation.

Eight categories of experts in each locale lead to the creation of an expert network that scales the development and implementation of community solutions from a local to global level.



RapiFly is a powerful no-code software application environment that converts projects into software applications without the need for coding. Applications are distributed and supported by subject matter experts (SMEs) who help their clients modify them in response to changing needs and conditions. This collaborative model fosters continuous improvement with trusted partners who share in the success of their customers.


Modifiable Applications

Empowering your projects with flexibility and adaptability, RapiFly's M.Apps are designed to evolve with your needs. Whether it's Commerce, Media, Health, or other functionalities, these modifiable applications can be tailored and scaled according to the evolving needs of your projects, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Modifiable Business
Operating System

Globalization has decimated America’s industrial base. Re-industrializing local communities requires the existence and participation of small and medium-size businesses. M.BOS is designed to facilitate the process.

M.BOS is a flexible, modifiable business operating system created by commercial subject matter experts. M.BOS makes it easy to add functions as needed. Companies can start with one M.App and add new functions as they grow.

Experts help businesses customize applications to meet their needs. Functional experts help businesses manage departmental operations. Skills-based experts help businesses deploy modules that manage strategies, analysis, and intelligence. Experts help clients overcome problems and capitalize on opportunities using a common interface and methodology.


Modifiable Community
Operating System

Overcoming the challenges confronting the world today requires critical mass. It requires the participation of communities at the ground-level, and the intelligence that exists within these communities. Crucially, it requires rewarding communities for the contributions they make to the development of solutions to national and global problems.

M.COS is a natural extension to M.BOS. M.COS is a modifiable community operating system. M.COS monetizes the skills, knowledge and experience within a community by making it a critical ingredient in a global expert network.

M.COS is a communities link to a global problem-solving network that that improves living standards for all citizens. It is a communities link to the creation of sustainable products and services that help salvage our planet.

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