Global Expert Network

Planning Synergies is building a global problem-solving platform. This will be done in an inclusive manner. It will result in the existence of a global expert network. A consortium of subject matter experts (SMEs) lead the way.

SMEs include citizens, professionals, businesses, non-government agencies, educational institutions, and government agencies. Any individual, group or entity is welcome to participate in a RapiFly project. The only requirement is that they possess a sincere desire to forge the existence of a healthy planet that serves all citizens in an equitable, mutually-beneficial manner. Their project contributions will verify their intentions.

Collectively, this group comprises the Citizen Body within a community. Decisions are made by the Citizen Body. No person or entity carries more weight than any other person or entity. RapiFly employs processes and techniques that instill equity in the process. Projects that are sponsored at a global or national level, for instance, are executed at the local level. Local implementation produces the data that guides decision-making by the Citizen Body at the local level, regardless of the projects level of inception.

There will be challenges that must be overcome. There will be changes that need to be made. This is why collective planning, challenge and change management are primary platform features.

Local Traction

Our services are supported by local subject matter expert (SME) teams in each metro area, comprising knowledgeable experts in eight community categories. SMEs are compensated hourly for their contributions to projects, and local teams facilitate community project development and execution.

Engagements occur through Planning Synergies for sponsored projects addressing local, national, and global challenges, and SMEs also lead projects based on their specific expertise, with hourly rates determined by the SMEs themselves.

Commercial Experts

Revenue generation commences in the Commercial Category. Functional M.Apps (Modifiable Applications) are created first (Sales, Finance, HR, etc.) Skill experts create M.Apps in categories including Strategy, Analysis, Communications, etc. Industry experts create M.Apps that are licensed by NAICS code.

Community Experts

Community experts are brought into metro markets shortly after commercial M.App development begins. The order of their entry into projects is determined by the community in oTownhall meetings. Some, or all, of these SME categories can be incorporated into a project:

And More..

Global Scale

Each metropolitan area is a team. Gamification is brought into play to manage competitions between teams. This approach is designed to increase individual and team compensation, motivate team members, and expedite the development and implementation of solution.

Competitions can be between an entire team, and/or they can pertain to common goals. High performing teams can choose to participate in regional, national and global project competitions. They are are rewarded financially, and using other means. Team compensation increases as solutions are scaled.

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