Platform Tool Set

RapiFly features a comprehensive, powerful set of tools and resources. Dashboards facilitate continuous improvements in performance. Modules manage essential plan information such as strategies, analysis and intelligence Commercial and community subject matter experts can be engaged to help teams create durable plans, solve problems and capitalize on opportunities.

Incorporates competition between teams to motivate members, expedite solution development, and increase compensation.
Heads Up Display (HUD)
Gives users a bird's-eye view of their projects, guiding them from inception to completion.
Challenge Management
Effectively breaks down large-scale problems into manageable tasks for suitable experts to tackle.
Change management
Facilitates immediate plan adjustments in response to real-time changes, ensuring relevance and utility.


No-code App Builder

RapiFly features a no-code app builder that enables the creation of functional applications to solve various commercial and community challenges. From sales and finance to strategy and communications, our platform facilitates the creation of modifiable applications (M.Apps) that revolutionize problem-solving strategies.

Rapid solution development and implementation enables continuous improvement.
Modifiable commercial and community applications created by experts.
Develop applications for a variety of sectors and categories.
No prior coding knowledge needed, making it user-friendly for all.


Modifiable Community
Operating System

Overcoming the challenges confronting the world today requires critical mass. It requires the participation of communities at the ground-level, and the intelligence that exists within these communities. Crucially, it requires rewarding communities for the contributions they make to the development of solutions to national and global problems.

M.COS is a natural extension to M.BOS. M.COS is a modifiable community operating system. M.COS monetizes the skills, knowledge and experience within a community by making it a critical ingredient in a global expert network.

M.COS is a communities link to a global problem-solving network that that improves living standards for all citizens. It is a communities link to the creation of sustainable products and services that help salvage our planet.


Modifiable Business
Operating System

Globalization has decimated America’s industrial base. Re-industrializing local communities requires the existence and participation of small and medium-size businesses. M.BOS is designed to facilitate the process.

M.BOS is a flexible, modifiable business operating system created by commercial subject matter experts. M.BOS makes it easy to add functions as needed. Companies can start with one M.App and add new functions as they grow.

Experts help businesses customize applications to meet their needs. Functional experts help businesses manage departmental operations. Skills-based experts help businesses deploy modules that manage strategies, analysis, and intelligence. Experts help clients overcome problems and capitalize on opportunities using a common interface and methodology.

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