Income Generation through
Problem-Solving Expertise

Planning Synergies has three projects in the works. If you've had a chance to review our Services page, you will recognize the link between these services and our Partner community.

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Modifiable Business Operating System

Re-industrializing local communities requires the existence of an innovative, contemporary toolkit. Our first project engages our partner community in the development of M.BOS. M.BOS is a remote, modifiable business operating system.

Finance & Sales
Human Resources

In this project our commercial partners will develop functional M.Apps (link to Services/M.Apps) that improve business operations in a targeted, measurable manner. This prepares them to participate in our second project.

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Modifiable Community Operating System

Re-industrializing local communities using techniques that continuously improve global living standards requires the existence of a local-to-global expert network. Our second project engages our partner community in the development of M.COS. M.COS is a modifiable community operating system with eight categories of experts.

And More..

A key element in this project is the development of oTownhall is used by local communities to select the projects they wish to execute. Community experts provide the guidance needed to execute successful projects in their respective categories.

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The Sunrise Project

This is where it gets fun. Challenge Management (link to Services, Challenge Management segment) is a core RapiFly feature. Challenge Management enables remote teams to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities in a collective, yet distributed manner. It also introduces the ability to gamify the RapiFly platform. Gamification motivates teams by increasing their compensation. It expedites our ability to scale the platform in an expeditious manner.

We are executing three projects because RapiFly is a metric-intensive platform that continuously improves living standards in a measurable manner. Three projects provides us with a foundation to build on. It provides us with beta projects that allow us to test our platform and improve our processes.

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Three "Founding" Cities

Each of these projects is executed in our three founding cities:
Denver, CO
Pheonix, AZ
Salt Lake City, UT
Why Three Cities?

Three cities provide a gamification beta environment. We can hold competitions pitting teams against each other with the same goals. And we can hold competitions that engage teams with dissimilar goals.

So what are you waiting for? This is your opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking project.from the comfort of your living room. It is your opportunity to engage your passions in projects that benefit you, and your community. It is your opportunity to participate in the creation of a revolutionary economic model that benefits all of humanity, as it heals the planet.

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